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Lake Trout

Reindeer Lake is world renowned for being a paradise for Lake Trout.  Lake Trout will often grow no bigger than the size of lake will allow.  That’s where the saying “Big Lake, Big Fish” comes in to play. A member of the char family (same family that Salmon belong to) the Lake trout can grow to 60 plus pounds at Reindeer Lake. They are plentiful and the potential is there to hook some serious big ones. Who knows? the new world record can be lurking just below your boat. Every year our clients are thrilled with catching these beautiful, feisty fish. Hear your line peel off your reel as they put up a good fight testing you and your equipment to the limit. Reindeer Lake's cold, clear water lets you catch these wonderful fish close to shore for most of the season and with 5500 islands, there is always a great well protected Lake Trout spot just around the corner and our guides know everyone of those spots.



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