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Our renowned guides are Native Cree who were raised on the mighty waters of Reindeer Lake. You’ll enjoy their easy, friendly ways and earned knowledge of the lake as you spend the day in their trusted care. They know the lake like the back of their hand; it is their back yard and their families have lived on Reindeer Lake for generations. A GPS can't tell you where the fish are, but our guides sure can. They know the land and water. They are a wealth of knowledge and can advise you on different fishing techniques, lures and the right gear to use to entice that big trophy you're after. All our guides are fluent in English and their native Cree language. They are superb boatsmen and can handle anything out on the water. These professionals will put you on the fish day after day after day.

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 Preparing shore lunch

Eating shore lunch

Guide Fishing

One of the many highlights of your day, the guides will also prepare your traditional and simply delicious Canadian Shore Lunch. After an amazing morning of battling giant fresh water predators in the pure, clean, fresh air of Reindeer Lake, it’s hard to beat a great shore lunch. Relax as you take a break from the waters and stretch your legs along the rugged, Canadian shield  shoreline. Caught by your own hands, the catch of the day is expertly and deliciously prepared over a campfire of driftwood on one of the many majestic island shores of Reindeer Lake.  The magnificent and awe inspiring beauty all around you along with the wonderful aromas from the shore lunch will overwhelm your senses and immediately relax you.

                                           Can you taste it yet??


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