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Reilly Lake Outpost


NEW for the 2018 season we will be opening our Reilly Lake outpost. This is a do it yourself outpost with all the amenities. If you are the do it yourself adventurer, amazing fishing is waiting for you. Give us a call or drop us a line and we'll hook you up. (pun intended)

Reilly Lake meanders through 23 miles of rock cliffs, weedy bays and numerous islands until it flows into Reindeer Lake’s Vermillion Bay. Reilly Lake is a very unique lake in the sense that it is part of the huge Reindeer Lake water shed. It is a tributary of  Reindeer Lake with two major rivers flowing in and one flowing out. The lake has many islands, hidden bays and small hills making for great scenery and countless protected areas for fishing on windy days. Reilly totals about 70 square miles. 

Leaving the camp and going south the lake is narrow for the first half and then opens up a little wider for the second half with a few less islands in the second half. It is still manageable on windy days. About little less than half way down the lake, about 7 miles from the camp after winding around pretty little islands and some unique shoreline you enter the narrows where the Wathaman River comes in from Spalding and Greenbush lakes. There is some serious Pike habitat in this area as well as in many of the bays around Reilly. You can travel for about a mile in this area before you actually get to where the river enters the lake. The Wathaman River is about 15 to 20 feet deep by about 60 – 70 feet wide. It is a fairly fast current for a river with depth. Take your boat up this river and see where it will take you.

At the very extreme south end of the lake the Oliver River comes in winding down from Oliver Lake. You take your boat and weasel it in through the narrows almost a mile and you come to the Reilly Lake falls. It is said at the base of the rapids the Walleye there don’t even wait for your hook to hit the bottom. This coupled with the sheer beauty of the place makes for some excited fishing.

Back to the north side of the lake when you’re standing on the dock to your left approximately half a mile is where the Wathaman River exits Reilly Lake for Reindeer Lake. The river divides in two around a good sized island, a giant rock looks like it was placed by itself at the entrance to the left side of the outlet, great walleye fishing right there. You can wind down the river with nice rock outcroppings and  only a mile and a half downstream you enter Vermillion Bay on Reindeer Lake. Reindeer Lake is a world class Pike and Lake Trout fishery and Vermillion Bay is known for its giant Pike since it was discovered in the late 1950’s. Vermillion Bay is also known for great Walleye fishing. A good spot is right where you enter the bay on the Wathaman River. This bay is approximately 14 miles long. It has its share of islands as well as hidden Pike bays just waiting to be explored.

The fish

 There are all three main species of fish at Reilly Lake. The fishing speaks for itself. Northerns to 35 lbs, Lake Trout to 30 lbs and Walleye to 9 lbs. Vermillion Bay on Reindeer Lake has Pike, Walleye and Arctic Grayling.

The Camp

 The camp is located on a very scenic spot on a square peninsula located on the north end of the lake across from an island called Craig Island. The setting is old growth mixed Pine, Birch, Spruce and Willow trees with a sandy shoreline around the whole peninsular. Facing the lake at the dock and depending on the water level for that year, you can walk to your left along the sandy beach and end up on a straight sand point jutting out into the lake. The camp is also located approximately 18 miles west by air from Reindeer Lake Lodge. Reindeer Lake Lodge is our full service lodge and can help support Reilly Lake with tools, equipment, extra food if you forget your tartar sauce or tooth paste, etc.

 The camp comprises of two big very well built 18 X 24 foot authentic upright rustic log cabins which can accommodate up to six people in each cabin. The cabins are an open concept with a big airtight wood stove in the center. Kitchen/dining facilities are at the front of the cabins while sleeping is at the rear. The cabins are built with upright logs because in the far north the trees are too short to build any length of horizontal walls. Each cabin will have big propane grill/barbeques positioned on the front deck for those famous steak nights.

 The camp is supplied with bedding, towels, pots and pans, cooking utensils, plates and everything else needed to make your stay an enjoyable one.

 Behind the cabins are the duplex washroom facilities. This building comprises of two separated washrooms complete with sink, toilet, and hot showers.

 The camp also has a little shop/storage building, generator building, camp attendant cabin.

The Boats

 There are six boats Alumarine boats available for use at Reilly Lake.  Very strong and durable Canadian made boats built for northern camp use and rugged northern lakes. All boats have casting decks. Typically we have enough boats for two fishermen per boat. Four 16 and two 18 footer boats will be available for the 2018 season. Motors will be 20 and 30 horsepower Yamaha’s. The 20’s will be brand new for the 2018 season.  Boats are equipped with nets, fish tubs, paddles, pliers and jaw spreaders.


Transportation to Reilly Lake is out of La Ronge Saskatchewan on a floatplane. Our guests fly in to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and board a private charter early in the morning for La Ronge. Upon arriving in La Ronge the guests bound for Reilly Lake will transfer to a floatplane for the final hour and twenty minute flight to the camp. Alternatively guests can come in on our private charter to Reindeer Lake Lodge and boat into Reilly Lake. The trip is about an hour going through Vermillion Bay into Reilly Lake with some fantastic scenery and great adventure. For the 2018 season we will mostly be utilizing a floatplane to land at Reilly Lake.

Reilly Lake outpost camp is simply remote and wilderness fishing at its finest. Because our outfitting license gives us the rights to operate anywhere on the world renown Reindeer Lake, our guests have a double bonus of being able to fish Reilly and Reindeer Lake only a mile and a half from the Reilly Lake camp. These features give the fisherman/adventurer a literal lifetime of fishing and exploring with trophy fishing many just dream about. The 2018 season will be our very first operating Reilly Lake outpost camp. Rumor has it the lake hasn’t been fished for the last four years; the fish should be hungry. Hope you can join us at Reilly Lake in 2018


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