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Reindeer Lake Lodge will have as its guest George Bernstein. Join us July 16/18 to July 24/18 as George shares his extensive knowledge about fly fishing for Northern Pike. Learn from an expert and then put your new found knowledge to the test on the world class Reindeer Lake. This promises to be a great time for both novice and experienced fly fishermen alike. If you always wanted to get into fly fishing for Pike or want to pick up a few extra tips to enhance what you already know, this is the week for you.

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and receive a free copy of George's book, 6 of his top Pike flies and a coil of stranded knotable leader wire ($100 value)


                          WHO IS GEORGE A BERNSTEIN?

    George A Bernstein, ex-president of a small publicly held appliance company, is more recently the retired owner/operator of Outdoor Safaris, one of the earliest fishing and hunting travel services. 
    George started fishing at the age of ten, from their summer home at PawPaw Lake, Michigan. A 12” perch fired his enthusiasm for the sport, but with no outdoorsmen in his family, everything was self-taught. By his mid-teens he was already an expert, and took his first bonefish on a flyrod … no mean feat for a kid. A true sportsman, he pursued big fish on light tackle, and was practicing “catch-and-release” by the early 1980s … well before it became popular. He also authored several articles on chasing IGFA World Records on light tackle, providing new insight on fighting techniques that are now common practices.
    Fishing all over the world as research for Outdoor Safaris, he acquired nine fly-rod International Game Fish Association (IGFA) World records (13 overall), including 3 for pike, 2 for Arctic grayling and 1 for smallmouth bass. In the 1980s and 90s, he was the official fishing & hunting tour wholesaler for airlines such as Lan Chile, Aerolineas Argentinas and Pan Am. Over the past 30+ years he has concentrated mainly on fly-fishing for pike, musky and smallmouth bass, plus the other Bonus Species often available in their waters. He has rubbed shoulders with baseball great and fly-fisherman supreme, Ted Williams, as well as internationally revered anglers like Leon Chandler, Lefty Kreh, and others in the fly-fishing world. 
    Now George has organized his life-time of experience into a definitive and easy to read book, Toothy Critter Love Flies, giving you everything you need to know to catch BIG pike (think 20 pounds and up) and musky on fancy feathers. 
    Not a fly-fisherman? The book will show you how easily you can learn to catch this aggressive predators on flies … and how exciting that can be!

George Bernstein

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