Reindeer Lake Weather

We typically have great weather in the summer months at Reindeer Lake Lodge. Early June mornings can be as low as 40 degrees F and rise to a high of 60 or even 65 degrees F by mid afternoon. It is also possible  to be as warm as 70 degrees F in the later half of June.

July and August are the hottest months of the entire year having 70+ degrees F days and can be upwards of 80 degrees on the really warm days. Remember to bring good rain gear not only for a rainy day but some fishermen like a rain suit to use as a wind blocker  when travelling across the lake.


Month Average Temperature
June 57 ËF – 70 ËF        (14ËC – 21ËC)
July 68 ËF – 80 ËF        (20ËC – 27ËC)
August 65 ËF – 80 ËF        (18ËC – 27ËC)
September 46 ËF – 62 ËF        (08ËC – 17ËC)

Calm water

All in all the weather can be quite nice during the fishing season at Reindeer Lake Lodge. Cool mornings and comfortably warm afternoons and evenings depending on which month you're fishing in.

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