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What a lake it is! Reindeer Lake is almost 2,000,000 acres and is rated as the world's 22nd largest fresh water body; 9th largest in North America. 5500 islands and more than 5700 miles of shoreline (combined islands and shoreline) provide you with an endless array of protected fishing spots. You will not lose fishing time because of wind. There is always a protected place to fish. Fishing Reindeer Lake is like fishing a thousand small lakes filled with huge fish.

Lake Facts:

Feature Amount
Total water area: 2,180 sq. miles
Number of islands: 5,500 approximately
Mean depth: 56
Maximum depth: 719 feet (Deep Bay)
Flushing time: 9.3 years
Tributaries: 96
Measured shoreline: 5745 miles (islands included)


Hours of Daylight:

Month Amount
June 1st 20 hours
June 21st 21 hours
July 30th 20 hours
August 20th 17 hours
December 21st 8 hours


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